Clinical Data and Analytics Company

Welcome to ThoughtSphere. Our market-leading stacked platform creates an integrated central monitoring environment to streamline RBQM, drug safety, medical, data management, and site management tasks in a single platform. Our user-friendly solution leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automate processes and modernize clinical trial operations from data aggregation to the generation of submission-ready datasets.

Regardless of the trial design, level of patient-centricity or the diversity of data sources utilized, ThoughtSphere provides a 360º data view and a “one-stop-shop” for cross-functional end-users. Our flexible platform allows organizations the option to use all our solutions in concert or to pick specific solution(s) to fit their needs.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you monitor and control your clinical trials for better, faster, more reliable results.

ClinHUB, our patented data ingestion & standardization engine, serves as the core of the ThoughtSphere platform.

MAP our Modeling & Analytical Programming solution provides Out-of-the-Box ML quality checks to mine aggregated, raw data as well as a workbench for data scientists and statisticians to use R, SAS, or Python to create custom data models and analysis datasets

The embedded BI Tool leverages aggregated data from ClinHUB to create next generation visualizations, analytics, and dashboards to surface data trends & anomalies

ClinACT, our RBQM solution, facilitates the complete risk lifecycle from risk identification through issue resolution with automated triggers and configurable user workflows.

DMSphere is our data management module that enables smart queries, complex data validation and reconciliation checks, and discrepancy management to ensure the accuracy and reliability of clinical trial data.

Our Site Payment and Contracting Environment, SPACE, automates the generation of CTAs and site payments.