Webinar: 4 Secrets to Reduced Clinical Trial Data Management Costs

In this 30 minute on-demand webinar, Sudeep Pattnaik, CEO ThoughtSphere, discusses how ThoughtSphere Cloud reduces clinical trial data management costs by:

  1. Leveraging a big data, data lake architecture to ingest and aggregate both structured and unstructured data with relative ease.
  2. Allowing you to load data from multiple sources and formats, including ODM, line listings, XML, JSON, SAS export, SAS data files, etc., as ThoughtSphere Cloud is source system agnostic and highly configurable
  3. Using smart mapping for rapid transformation/standardization, all done via configuration, with evolving reusable mapping library based on machine learning algorithms.
  4. Learning data ontology over time using statistical and machine learning methods and thus identifying risks (aka smart risks).

With ThoughtSphere Cloud, clients have reduced costs by up to 30% through a reduction in manual data aggregation costs and saved up to 50% time in mapping highly complex studies.

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