What are cookies?

Cookies (sometimes called HTTP Cookies) are very small text files that may be stored on your computer by your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome) when visiting different websites on the internet. Please refer to your individual browser’s privacy and security settings in order to understand how you can appropriately make modifications to your cookie settings. Please do note, however, that if you disable cookies entirely, the ThoughtSphere website may not function correctly as intended and there may be degraded performance with respect to user experience.

ThoughtSphere may utilize cookies in several ways in order to enhance a website visitor’s experience, including:

  • Giving visitors a personalized experience by accessing information, products, and services that are most relevant to their areas of interest, and
  • Measuring a visitor’s use of the ThoughtSphere website in order to improve website content, performance, etc.

However, there is no linkage between the usage of a cookie and any personally identifiable information on the ThoughtSphere site. ThoughtSphere may receive IP addresses and the name of your internet service provider during the normal course of operations of the ThoughtSphere website. An IP address is a number assigned to your device by your internet service provider in order to access the internet. Although ThoughtSphere may receive IP addresses, we do not use them to identify you personally or disclose them to others.

There are also certain technologies that may be leveraged by ThoughtSphere that are similar to cookies, including HTML5 Local Storage, web beacons, and embedded scripts. These may appear on the website or in some of our emails and ads and are designed to improve your engagement with our marketing messaging. Web beacons (sometimes referred to as tags) are small bits of programming code that can notify ThoughtSphere when a user interacts with our content, and embedded scripts are also small bits of programming code embedded within some of our webpages also to measure user engagement. It may be possible to turn off certain scripting functionality, such as JavaScript, within your browser (please refer to your browser’s help function for more information). Please note that doing so can potentially lead to functionality issues and degraded website performance.

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