Webinar: Evolution of Risk-Based Monitoring with Growth of Decentralized Clinical Trials

RBM solutions for decentralized trials will need to take a modern big data approach for data to be managed, aggregated, and processed quickly. Statistical models will also need to be better leveraged to signal patient safety or operational risks within the study. You will learn:

  1. How transformation to patient-centric approach affects all things data – data reliability, data quality, and role of data surveillance
  2. The opportunity and challenges of doing real-time data capture, given the increase in variety and velocity of data sets to support site-less / remote trials
  3. What new data quality, standardization and submission readiness challenges will arise
  4. About advanced risk models to ensure quicker identification of safety issues

You will also learn about ThoughtSphere Cloud and how our leading and patented clinical data hub and analytics platform with a stand-alone risk-based monitoring solution, can be leveraged in decentralized trials.

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