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ThoughtSphere Partners with Integrated Clinical Systems Inc. on Next Generation Product Integration

ClinDAP, ThoughtSphere’s clinical data lake solution for aggregation and integration bridging the gap between data transformation and analysis, is now available to customers of JReview, an industry-leading clinical analytics application.

October 31, 2016

ThoughtSphere, Inc. announces that ClinDAP, its unique source-system agnostic data aggregation platform specifically designed for clinical research, is now available to customers of JReview, a leading clinical data review tool. The integration affords users never-before-seen benefits by integrating structured and unstructured clinical and operational datasets to make managing, interpreting and analyzing simpler and, in turn, enhancing clinical research processes and intelligence.

ClinDAP is a clinical trials informatics solution that was purpose-built as a data lake. It takes advantage of the same cutting-edge big data practices used by the likes of Facebook and Google. The volume and variety of clinical study data necessitates an approach that eases integration by not requiring cumbersome programming for each eClinical system. Sponsors and CROs can get the benefits of accessing all clinical data regardless of its format, including CTMS, Lab, Imaging and Safety data in near real-time. ThoughtSphere wanted to deliver the answer to the current gap between unifying clinical data and timely analysis.

“Our objective when designing ClinDAP was to harness the power of data, both structured and unstructured, so data can drive clinical research decision-making processes,” explains Sudeep Pattnaik, founder & CEO of ThoughtSphere. “As an emerging clinical technology solution provider, we are thrilled to integrate ClinDAP with JReview, one of the most respected and trusted products on the market.”

JReview is one of the most-used clinical analytics tools on the market, specifically designed for clinical researchers, and used by the FDA. The integration will help users address time-consuming data mapping and transformation challenges. “With ClinDAP, users can integrate and analyze disparate datasets. Then, with JReview’s intuitive reporting features, they can reuse reporting object definitions across studies,” explains Eric Herbel, president of Integrated Clinical Systems. “We are always looking for new ways to enhance our product for our customers, and we’re excited that this new partnership allows us to do so,” he says.

ThoughtSphere and Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. recently launched a joint-education program in which they’ll teach JReview customers about the benefits of the integration. JReview users have the option of licensing ClinDAP at a preferred Integrated Clinical Systems rate to enhance their clinical data approach.

For more information about ThoughtSphere or ClinDAP, visit http://www.thoughtsphere.com
For more information about integrated Clinical Systems or JReview, visit https://www.i-review.com/

About ThoughtSphere

Founded by clinical information and technology industry experts with over 30 years of experience from the leading global CRO and eClinical providers, ThoughtSphere’s mission is to streamline and empower the clinical trials process by eliminating the two biggest challenges–integration of disparate clinical and operational data and making it accessible for use with existing tools for analytics and visualization. With this innovative platform, biopharma, medical device sponsors and CROs can reduce and optimize clinical development costs, aggregate operational and clinical data to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the clinical trial processes and gain near real-time actionable insights. The product suite includes ClinDAP, the source-system agnostic next-generation data integration platform; ClinACT, the interactive visualization and analytics platform that enables RBM and CRO Quality Oversight; and SPACE, the integrated site budgeting, payments and contracting solution. At ThoughtSphere, we believe we can deliver on the promise of big data to drive health innovation. For more information, visit www.thoughtsphere.com

About Integrated Clinical Systems

Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. (ICS) is an industry-leading developer of software applications for the FDA, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies worldwide. Their original software application, Integrated Review™, provides ongoing, real-time review of clinical data and an easy-to-use, intuitive means of profiling patients, reporting, graphing, ad-hoc data mining and signal detection for clinical data stored in third-party or in-house data management software systems or data warehouses. This functionality has been ported to a web-enabled software application, JReview®, and has been expanded with even more new features. These products have been developed by professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, and they continue to be refined and enhanced by customer and FDA feedback. It is this specialization and industry focus that provides their clients with the reporting and analysis capabilities that allow them to bring products to the market safely, efficiently, speedily and cost effectively. For more information, visit https://www.i-review.com/

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