Life Science Data Analytics Company

Life Science Data Analytics Company

Clinical research studies play a central role in new drug and formulation development. Pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations (CROs) conduct a lot of clinical research studies that consist of huge data sets and various phases. Handling huge amounts of data and processing can be very cumbersome. If the data is not processed properly, it is near impossible to generate valid results. This is where ThoughSphere comes in. Thoughtsphere deals in life science data analytics. Thoughtsphere markets leading clinical data analytics technologies that help manage, review, and identify risks when conducting clinical trials.

Life Science Data Analytics

Thoughtsphere specializes in metadata-driven automated solutions and innovative data mining tools. ClinACTTM is an analytics and risk-based monitoring (RBM) solution providing holistic oversight and risk management concerning clinical data. It ensures patient safety and maintains regulatory compliance and also helps in suggesting ways to reduce the trial costs without compromising data and study requirements. It has an Analytics module and an Integrated Risk Module.

ClinHUBTM is a data collation and aggregation platform that leverages structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, unifies the data sets, and designs reports and files. It aids users to visualize outliers and trends. DMSphereTM and Business Intelligence Tool are usually used together; these are revolutionary data visualization and analytic tools which increase data quality. Dynamic data visualization engines display acquired data in various customizable formats. This is a cloud-based platform that builds a custom data lake through which users can edit data in real-time and creates reports getting more accurate insights.

Life Science Analytics Companies such as Thoughtsphere helps to effectively monitor, plan and control clinical trials for the best quality standardized results that follow regulatory guidelines. Their new Life Science Data Analytics and Biotech Analytics technology abolishes data discrepancies and visualizes real-time clinical trial study risk to help plan better studies in the future. To avail their exemplary services and execute efficient clinical trial management contact the team at Thoughtsphere.


ClinACT is the only RBM solution that offers two complementary modules. The Analytics module can be used as a standalone tool for Study oversight, or for better insight, the integrated Risk module makes ClinACT the most complete RBM system available.

Better analytics: The detailed, cross study integrated analytics delivered by ClinACT are easily understood through our visual dashboards, including: site performance, study performance, subject-specific and region-specific views. This allows multi-vendor (CRO’s) oversight at the study and portfolio level.

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ClinHUB is a revolutionary data aggregation platform that is flexible, source system agnostic and provides analytics that enable users to visualize outliers and trends.

Data integration: Leveraging big data architecture to aggregate both structured and unstructured data with relative ease, ClinHUB is highly configurable to allow you to load data from multiple sources and formats, including databases, line listings, files, reports, etc.

Biotech Analytics


Site Payment and Contracting Environment provides end-to-end automation with integration of contracts and payments modules to help accelerate payment cycles and mitigate potential manual error.

CTA manager: Highly configurable template-based engine to author and generate CTAs and define contract to payment terms

Clinical Data Processing


Put the power of the data in the hands of the data managers with our cutting edge new Data Workbench tool. This source agnostic tool allows users to perform complex relationship checks for increased accuracy of clean, quality data. Our Data Workbench is fully integrated with our existing line of products to provide enhanced speed and quality of data throughout the clinical research process.

Clinical Trials and Data Management

Business Intelligence Tool

Experience the newest revolution in data visualization and clinical trial analytics with our new Business Intelligence tool. Users have the ability to slice and dice data in real-time and create reports, graphs and dashboards to provide clearer, more accurate insights. Our cloud based platform is fully integrated with ThoughtSphere’s full line of solutions and can also be offered as a standalone solution.

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