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Next Generation SAE Reconciliation


SAE reconciliation is a critical component of clinical trial processes, but it is time-consuming, complex and cumbersome. By improving the SAE reconciliation processes, study sponsors and CROs can drive efficiency, save time and money, improve data quality and ensure the safety of participants. Discover how our state-of-the-art, source system agnostic data aggregation platform can facilitate significant gains in SAE reconciliation accuracy and efficiency.

Key Points

  • SAE reconciliation is a crucial component of clinical trial data processes.
  • Currently, it is a time-consuming and complex process and can be prone to human errors.
  • ClinHUB facilitates superior SAE reconciliation with its custom-built, data lake approach.
  • This data aggregation platform is flexible, source system agnostic and supports a variety of data forms, enabling revolutionary gains in efficiency and data quality for its users.


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