The Game-Changing Data Visualization Tool

Our embedded Business Intelligence (BI) Tool allows users to slice and dice data in real-time and create visualizations, analytics, reports, and dashboards to discover data trends and unleash new data insights. The BI Tool is fully integrated with ThoughtSphere’s ClinHUB, MAP and full line of RBQM and DM solutions, but it can also be paired with ClinHUB as a standalone offering.

Big Data Analytics For Clinical Trials

Data Visualization

Our user-friendly data visualization tool allows users to easily create reports, graphs, and dashboards to monitor the data and discover new data insights. Leveraging the harmonized data from ClinHUB users can join data domains across data sources, and apply pre-built functions to quickly create custom visualizations using click and drag functionality.

Biotech Analytics

Enhanced Insight

Create new reports and visualizations quickly and view your creation with a click of a mouse to ensure it meets end-user expectations. Publish newly created visualizations and analytics to specific folders and/or user-audiences to control access and visibility.

Clinical Data Hub and Analytics Company

Seamless Data Control

Empower end-users with simplistic manipulation tools to create visually aesthetic reports from disparate sources. Link newly generated analytics and reports to risks and triggers in ClinACT to optimize risk identification and facilitate adaptive risk reviews.

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