Introducing the most complete holistic risk management solution in the market

An RBM solution offering standalone analytics or integrated risk modules

ClinACT delivers support for all aspects of RBM, including:

Planning and monitoring strategy

Source Data Verification (SDV) & Source Data Review (SDR)

Assignment of clinical activities

It allows pharma sponsors and CROs to achieve:

  • Enhanced medical review with a holistic view of all patient data and con-med related Adverse Effects
  • Adaptive monitoring with adjustable KRI throughout the life of the study
  • Advanced statistical analytics with SAS or R algorithms

This robust, flexible platform gives you the ability to integrate the Risk Assessment Categorization Tool (RACT) from Transcelerate, MCC or your own Custom plans, adjust Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), and even perform a during the course of the study, set threshold-based alerts based on KRIs, and integrates subject data cleanliness indicators and holistic subject review!

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Better Analytics

The detailed, cross-study integrated analytics delivered by ClinACT are easily understood through our visual dashboards, including: site performance, study performance, subject-specific and region-specific views. This allows multi-vendor (CRO) oversight at the study and portfolio level.

Big Data Analytics For Clinical Trials

Data Integration

Powered by the ClinHUB data collation and aggregation platform, you get robust RBM analytics and visualizations, all delivered over the cloud. ClinACT is highly configurable in order to allow you to load data from multiple sources and formats including databases, line listings, files, reports and much more.

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Holistic RBM

ClinACT is the only RBM solution that offers two complementary modules. The Analytics module can be used as a standalone tool for study oversight, or for better overall insights, the integrated risk module makes ClinACT the most complete RBM system available.

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