The revolution in clinical data aggregation

Flexible data aggregation platform with meaningful analytics

Flexible Data Aggregation & Harmonization

Get complete freedom from complex manual data aggregation so you can focus on analyzing data. ClinHUB is source system agnostic and can ingest data in virtually any format, including unstructured data. Our patented technology opens doors for researchers to quickly ingest clinical and operational data, as well as historical data, streaming data, and RWD/RWE to enhance efficacy and safety analyses, empower translational medicine, and glean new data insights.

ClinHUB is the engine that powers MAP, BI Tool, ClinACT, and DMSPHERE in our stacked platform, but ClinHUB can also be used as a stand-alone solution. It is interoperable with customers’ existing systems and tools enabling medical reviewers and other study team members to continue using their preferred systems to surface data insights and findings if they wish.

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Clinical Data Integration and Analytics

Data Integration

ClinHUB leverages Data Lake architecture to aggregate structured and unstructured data with ease across an ever-growing drug development ecosystem. Data can be loaded from multiple sources and in multiple formats including ODM, SAS, delimited files, XML, JSON, etc. as well as data from resting APIs and web services.

Clinical Data Analytics

Data Standardization

The days of waiting months if not years before having SDTM compliant data are over. Using ClinHUB data mapping can begin as soon as the database build is finalized, well in advance of FPI. Embedded in ClinHUB is our Smart Map engine which automaps aggregated source data to the target data model selected. ClinHUB leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained on vast data sets to recognize and systematically map data quickly and with high accuracy. The AI model continues to learn with every new study and new source added, further expanding its knowledge ontology.

Clinical Data Analytics

Intuitive Mapping Workbench

The user-friendly mapping workbench allows users to review the auto-mapped assignments and override the results as needed with a simple drag and drop operation. To create custom derivations and SDTM extensions users can take advantage of pre-written code and functions available in the embedded Software Development Kit (SDK) or create their own code from scratch. User workflows streamline the approval and promotion of variable mappings and conversion rules to provide a comprehensive audit trail throughout the process.

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Fast Cloud Deployment

Hosted on the Cloud and leveraging Apache Spark, ThoughtSphere provides near real-time multi-tenant access to any clinical or non-clinical development system. Deploy our SaaS offering in just days or a couple weeks and benefit from reduced capital investments and maximum efficiency.

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