The revolution in clinical data aggregation

Flexible data aggregation platform with meaningful analytics

Get complete freedom from complex manual data aggregation so you can focus on analyzing clinical, operational or other data of interest in real-time. ClinHUB offers the ultimate flexibility as it is source system agnostic and able to support a variety of formats, including unstructured data. For example, the ability to handle data from social media, legacy data maintained in local systems (such as ‘lost-to-follow-up’ and ‘site turn-over’) enhances compliance.

ClinHUB protects  customers’ existing investment by integrating with legacy visualization and reporting tools, enabling medical reviewers and other study team members to continue using systems they are accustomed to.

By storing both raw and transformed data – including unstructured and legacy data – ClinHUB has the power to enhance medical review, with real-time insights available throughout the course of the study.

With ClinHUB, boost your ability to achieve significant gains in data quality with automated reconciliation in areas such as serious adverse events (SAE) for accuracy and efficiency.

Sponsors get a complete, accurate view so they can confidently check the health of a study, making CRO oversight and transparency a breeze. No other RBM solution offers this level of adaptability. Want to find out more?

Clinical Data Integration and Analytics

Data Integration

ClinHUB leverages a big data architecture to aggregate both structured and unstructured data with relative ease. Our platform is highly configurable to allow you to load data from multiple sources and formats, including databases, line listings, files, reports, etc.

Clinical Data Analytics

Data Standardization

ClinHUB is compliant with CDISC SDTM standards and is integrated with JReview. Scripting API is available to resolve complex mappings and built-in intelligence means that over time the engine learns the mapping using a keyword matching algorithm.

Thoughtsphere Analytics Company

Fast Cloud Deployment

ThoughtSphere provides near real-time multi-data access to any clinical or non-clinical development system. Deploy in days or weeks with a SaaS-based offering and benefit from reduced capital investments and maximum efficiency through use-based pricing.

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    Synopsis: Read about how ThoughtSphere helps reduce the time to reconcile SAEs and other relevant data from the EDC system with the Safety system, providing significant cost and time savings.

    Synopsis: Read about the approach and results achieved by a full service CRO and technology led Life Sciences services provider implementing ThoughtSphere ClinHUB and ThoughtSphere ClinACT for better trial oversight, higher quality data and faster decision making.