Provide Cleaner, More Reliable Data Without the Hassle of Manual Tracking

Put the power of data in the hands of data managers with our cutting-edge data review workbench, DMSphere. Automate complex, cross-source relationship checks, manage queries, and track data review activities in real-time. Our data review workbench is fully integrated with our complete line of solutions to streamline cross-functional reviews and provide high quality data deliveries.

Clinical Data Management

Comprehensive Data Management

Make data oversight and preparing for data deliveries a breeze with real-time aggregated statuses of cross-functional data review activities.   Manage eDC queries as well as cross-functional activities such as medical coding, medical reviews, and SDV in a single platform.

Life Science Data Analytics

Cross-Source Validation & Reconciliation

Say good-bye to inefficient, manual listing reviews and hello to automated discrepancy discovery alerts. Leverage our library of Smart Checks that use NLP and statistical-based text comparison algorithms to automatically configure cross-domain data check rules. Or use the advanced expression builder to create study-specific rules to alert reviewers of data discrepancies and non-conformant data across data domains and sources.

Data Review Workflow Oversight

Customize data review workflows to facilitate review activities by domain expertise and provide clear accountability and visibility to stakeholders. Empower Data Managers to quickly identify backlogs, re-assign work items and ensure resources are properly aligned to expedite activities.

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