ThoughtSphere Inc. announces selection by Senju USA, Inc. to support its clinical program with data integrations and analytics using the ClinDAP and ClinACT solutions
December 8, 2016, Santa Clara, CA

ThoughtSphere, Inc. announces that its innovative ClinDAP and ClinACT clinical data integrations and analytics platforms have been selected by the American division of Japanese research-based pharmaceutical company Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Senju USA, Inc. Senju will benefit from solutions that make managing, interpreting, visualizing and analyzing data from its clinical program simpler and, in turn, enhance its clinical research processes, investments and intelligence.

ClinDAP is a unique source-system agnostic data aggregation platform specifically designed for clinical research, and ClinACT is the only holistic solution for RBM, Central Data Monitoring, Analytics and CRO Oversight

“We are passionate about helping sponsors harness the power of their data, from all disparate sources, so that data can drive clinical research decision-making processes,” explains Sudeep Pattnaik, founder & CEO of ThoughtSphere. “Our mission has been to tackle the four Vs of clinical data-volume, variety, veracity, and velocity and give innovative biopharmaceutical organizations the power of big data science to get the robust and timely insights that are required today for compliance and effective trial conduct. We are very pleased to build this relationship with Senju USA, Inc. and put them at the leading edge of clinical informatics.”

ThoughtSphere has radically changed the way clinical data is aggregated and integrated with the ClinDAP platform. The ThoughtSphere clinical data lake ClinDAP offers advantages over the more old-fashioned approaches, such as connectors and manual integration, because it does not require a connection to a source system and speeds the transformation process. ClinACT then serves as an intelligence layer that surfaces the integrated data for centralized monitoring, analytics, dashboards and holistic RBM and oversight.

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About ThoughtSphere

Founded by clinical information and technology industry experts with over 30 years of experience from the leading global CRO and eClinical providers, ThoughtSphere’s mission is to streamline and empower the clinical trials process by eliminating the two biggest challenges–integration of disparate clinical and operational data and making it accessible for use with existing tools for analytics and visualization. With this innovative platform, biopharma, medical device sponsors and CROs can reduce and optimize clinical development costs, aggregate operational and clinical data to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the clinical trial processes and gain near real-time actionable insights. The product suite includes ClinDAP, the source-system agnostic next-generation data integration platform; ClinACT, the interactive visualization and analytics platform that enables RBM and CRO Quality Oversight; and SPACE, the integrated site budgeting, payments and contracting solution. At ThoughtSphere, we believe we can deliver on the promise of big data to drive health innovation. For more information, visit

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