ThoughtSphere Awarded Patent for Clinical Trial Data Management Breakthrough

ThoughtSphere Awarded Patent for Clinical Trial Data Management Breakthrough
Pioneering Approach Helps Life Sciences Companies
Reduce the Time and Cost to Ingest and Process Study Data

May 07, 2020, Santa Clara, CA

ThoughtSphere, a leading cloud-based clinical data hub and analytics provider, has received a patent for its unique approach to tackling clinical trial data overload. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded ThoughtSphere US Patent No. 10,642,854 for its data management environment which adapts to whatever data structure it is ingesting allowing end users to convert these data to a standardized format. Inventors listed on the patent are Sudeep Pattnaik, CEO, and Pankaj Manon, CTO.

“Sponsors and CROs are being exposed to an exploding variety of data in modern clinical trials and are challenged by the velocity in which they must process this data,” says Sudeep Pattnaik, CEO. “Our approach changes the way data are collected allowing sponsors and CROs to understand the effects of a new therapy and yield insights into the operational performance of studies more rapidly and at a lower cost.”

Ingesting, aggregating and standardizing data generated by clinical trials in a way that is both cost-efficient and productive is a challenge. Clinical trials generate data from a wide variety of sources such as EDC and EMR systems, central laboratories, patient-reported outcomes and wearables, and no one clinical trial is the same as the next, preventing sponsors and CROs from applying the same template to all studies.

“We knew a different approach was needed to tackle today’s clinical trial challenges and created a data platform that learns the data ontology over time using statistical and machine learning methods and smart mapping for rapid transformation,” said Pankaj Manon, CTO. “Our clients are realizing the benefits of our innovation cutting costs by 30% and saving 50% of their time in mapping highly complex studies.”

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