Thoughtsphere Analytics Company

Solving the Data Integration Challenge


Clinical trials are ever increasing in complexity and the regulatory bar is ever rising, so biopharmaceutical companies are turning to innovative businesses. Technological methods to address their challenges require the integration and management of vast amounts of data from many different data sources. Discover a revolutionary data integration platform that solves this daunting challenge to support use cases such as: Risk-Based Monitoring, budgeting, contracting, medical review and payments.

Key Points

  • ThoughtSphere Cloud is the fundamental, core technology needed for any use case requiring interactive, visualization-based data discovery leveraging structured or unstructured data so that data is easy to interpret and evaluate.
  • As the biopharmaceutical industry evolves and organizations grow and change, data standardization will continue and so will the need for the flexibility to accommodate data from a growing number of source systems with their own formats.
  • Instead of focusing on preparing data for analysis, enabling end users to visualize outliers and trends and report and collaborate on those findings will be a core competency companies must have to succeed in the rapidly changing biopharmaceutical industry.



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